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Subject: psychoacoustical Masking.
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I am trying to make those frequencies of my speech signal combined by white gaussian noise inaudible .First,I mapped from frequency to Bark scale by  z=13*atan((.76*T)/1000)+3.5*atan((T/7500).^2); second, defined energy per critical band E.then obtained the spread masking across CBR which is defined as  C=conv(E,B); here B is basiilar membrane spreading function B(dB)=B=15.81+7.5*(z+.474)-17.5*sqrt(1+(z+.474).^2); finally,masking threshold function is calculated by MASK=((10.^(P-Q))./N); 

where :

My problem is reffered to as Matrix mistmatch between P and Q in matlab.that sounds reasonable because if you assume E and B by size L.their convolution C should be at most 2*L-1 and at least L.This is due to the Convolution property,considering Ofset=delta*(14.5+z)+(1-delta)*5.5;  Q seems to be a matrix by size L.I really need your help to find out how these matixes fit together dimensionally to calculate MASK.