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Subject: Re: 64bits and memory problem
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:28:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Evan,
The problem is probably b/c you're on a Linux or Mac and they gcc,
which is slightly more finicky than other compilers. You need to
modify the lines in the Gibbs Sampler code where they randomly
generate a number and add "ULL" (without quotes). So a problematic
line such as the one below becomes (notice the ULL after 4294967296)
i_pick = i_start + (int) ( (double) randomMT() * (double) nauthors /
(double) (4294967296 + 1.0) );
i_pick = i_start + (int) ( (double) randomMT() * (double) nauthors /
(double) (4294967296ULL + 1.0) );

I am assuming you have a 32-bit machine.

On Mar 8, 4:08 pm, "evan Rosen" <> wrote:
> James <> wrote in message <>...
> > Hi guys,
> > Thanks for the replies.
> > I managed to solve this problem by simply converting all problematic mwIndex* arrays to int* arrays.
> > Took me about a day, but at least it works now.
> I was looking through this discussion due to an issue with the Griffiths andSteyverstopic modelingtoolboxand your errors look almost identical to mine.  I am trying to use the GibbsSamplerLDA function and I thought I'd see if were possible to use your updated version or at least give me some pointers.
> thanks