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"Simon Preston" <> wrote in message 
> Hi all,
> I would like to represent a dynamical model (defined in terms of ODEs, 
> i.e., dx_dt = f(x,t;theta)) as a Matlab object.  To do so, I would like 
> the object to contain the function f as a property.
> One way to achieve this is to define f as an inline function.  The trouble 
> doing this is that solving the model with an ODE solver requires repeated 
> evaluations of this inline function, which is extemely slow.
> I could of course have f as a function separate from my model object, but 
> this loses the nice convenient and tidy property that the model object is 
> self contained.
> Any suggestions how I could do this better - i.e. ways of defining f 
> within the object, but so it is as fast to evaluate as if it were a 
> separate function?

Use a function handle.

Steve Lord
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