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ImageAnalyst <> wrote in message <>...
> I could be wrong but I'm not sure "bo" was thinking of anything this
> complicated.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was simply thinking of a
> simple circle and he just wrote radius instead of angle.  (I mean,
> would *you* be talking about exactly two radiui if you were talking
> about some arbitrarily, wandering/arcing curve?)  And he might know
> that the arc length along a circle is the radius times the angle but
> he doesn't know how to deal with radians or doesn't know how to handle
> when the angle is on either side of 0 degrees or radians.  Although
> some have been very generous with their time for bo, personally I
> wouldn't go to any effort for bo until he responds in some way.  He
> may have dropped off the planet or found a solution already to his
> poorly described question.

Your suggestion prompted me to look at bo's previous posts, in one where he notes that he only started using MATLAB about mid-February. But I learned something new from Walter's post, and there's a mini-demo of John's latest FEX contribution, so thanks.