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"Andrey Orlov" <> wrote in message <hpl73t$5u3$>...
> For example, F(x) = (f1(x), f2(x))', f1(x) = x^4 - x^3 + 4, f2(x) = x^8-x^10+x^5+100, (a,b) = (-30,30). I want to avoid using iterations if it's possible.
> For my real computation number of those functions fj(x) equals 400....

  For each of the functions in your vector, the minimization problem is independent of all others.  Just put the whole thing in a for-loop and do each component one at a time.  The overhead involved in the for-loop will ordinarily be minuscule as compared to the minimization time.  There is such a thing as carrying the "vectorization" craze too far!

  Incidentally, if your functions are all polynomials, there are better ways of minimizing them than using something like 'fminbnd'!

Roger Stafford