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"Juliette Salexa" <> wrote in message <hqh74e$2ml$>...
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if there's a cleaner way to get:
> K=vertcat(kron(U,conj(U)),
>               kron(flipud(U),conj(U)),
>               kron(U,flipud(conj(U))),
>               kron(flipud(U),flipud(conj(U))));
> where U is a column vector.
> Of course, I could save conj(U)=A, and flipud(U)=B, and flipud(conj(U))=C,
> but it would still involve 4 kroneker products, even though it looks like there's a lot of symmetry and repetition in the command.
> It would be neat to see if there's a clean alternative,
> Cheers!
  Yes, it does seem a shame to do four times as many multiplications as are really necessary.  Try this:

 K = kron(U,conj(U)); % First block
 K = vertcat(K,reshape(flipud(reshape(K,[],length(U))),[],1)); % Add 2nd block
 K = vertcat(K,flipud(K)); % Add 3rd & 4th blocks

I don't know that this could be considered "cleaner", but it does have only one 'kron' operation.  The last step by itself would probably save some execution time but I am not sure of the middle step with its two reshapes.

Roger Stafford