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Subject: Re: MATLAB computes Incomplete Elliptic Integrals incorrectly?
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"Ishan Sharma" <> wrote in message <hqujk9$7o2$>...
> I compute the Incomplete Elliptic Function of the second kind in both MATLAB and Maple. For some values, I obtain an exact match, but not so for others. Please see below:
> CASE 1: Perfect match
> MATLAB output
> > mfun('EllipticE',sqrt(1-.4^2),sqrt((1-.6^2)/(1-.4^2)))
> > ans =  0.9863
> MAPLE13 output: 0.9863238216
> CASE 2: No match.
> MATLAB output
> > mfun('EllipticE',sqrt(1-.4^2),sqrt((1-.5^2)/(1-.4^2)))
> > ans =  1.4182
> MAPLE13 output: 0.9495803244
> Can someone throw light on this?
> Thanks!
> ishan
  I don't know the parameters MAPLE13 uses for elliptic integrals but you should check on it.  Even within Mathworks there are two conflicting definitions used.  Here are two excerpts from Mathworks manuals:

"Some definitions of K and E use the elliptical modulus k instead of the 
parameter m. They are related as k^2 = m."

"This definition uses modulus k. The numerical ellipke function and the MuPAD functions for computing elliptic integrals use the parameter m = k^2."

  Also I would advise you to display your matlab results to a higher accuracy by using 'format long', so the comparisons will be more valid.  You might find that your "perfect match" was not so perfect.

Roger Stafford