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Subject: Re: What a hell is wrong with logical indexing??? Really???
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Sergei Koulayev wrote:
> Do you agree that there 
> should be at least a warning when someone tries to write double into 
> logical?

Not unless you are also going to start giving a warning every time 
someone uses a double (other than 0 or 1) in a logical context such as

if VarName     %same as if all(VarName ~= 0)


B = ~~A;       %same as B = (A ~= 0)

If we are going to have warnings, then let us be consistent and have the 
warnings whenever anyone _evaluates_ a double in a logical context and 
that double does not happen to be be 0.0 or 1.0.

Wouldn't that be a squawk, the amount of code that would have to be 
touched up to avoid triggering "dbstop if warning"...

if logical(VarName)   %makes me think of  if islogical(VarName)