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Dear Roger,
thanks a lot.
I tried to understand how that functions proposed by John work, but I was not successiful in applying them for my purposes ;-(
I would like to have just an example of the code to use, in order to understand how I can use those functions in my case.

For that reason I opted for the solution you proposed. BTW, I implemented it well?
It is correct?

It is for sure my fault if I have not understood fully how those functions work. I will look at them better now, and I hope to find a solution as soon as possible.

Any suggestion or code example is really appreciated ;-)


P.S. @John: I forgot to tell you "thanks" for the precious advice.

"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <hs4eog$dhh$>...
> "Luca Turchet" <> wrote in message <hs42df$eo0$>...
> > Hi all,
> > I think I got it.
> > .......
>   I think you should follow John's excellent advice, Luca.  It sounds the best to me, since you have a curve y = f(x) with a known formula for its derivative, f'(x).  The differential equation you would be solving with 'ode45' is:
>  dx/ds = 1/sqrt(1+f'(x).^2) .
> You integrate with respect to arc length s as your independent variable, starting with x as the x-coordinate of point A at s = 0, and you stop when s has reached the distance you wish to travel along the curve to point B.  What could be simpler?
> Roger Stafford