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Walter Roberson wrote:
> Derik wrote:
>>  From what I understand doing a dir *. should return everything that 
>> has no extension (the reason why I'm getting the folders)
> The problem with that is that at the DOS level, directories *do* have an 
> extension: it is .DIR . If my memory on the matter has not given out on 
> me, support for *. as denoting directories was a programmed convention, 
> rather than it being that case that the extension wasn't there. ...

I'm sure that isn't so w/ current versions and don't think that was ever 
so in MS-DOS (and I don't believe it was in DR-DOS or other work-alikes, 
either).  There was an attribute from the git-go for directory I think.

I don't recall there ever being a proscription against the missing or 
empty file extension, either, at least from DOS 2.x and later.  As you 
note, prior to that is long enough my recollection is blurry at best.

There _was_ a convention of users not giving directories extensions, but 
that was at the user level and to best of my recollection wasn't ever 
anything more than that at the actual OS-level.

Afaic(an)r(emember) the /A:D switch existed on DIR as the way to 
differentiate/segregate in return info from the earliest versions.

CP/M was somewhat different but I forget the specifics...