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"Marcin " <> wrote in message <ht4940$b11$>...
> That's the catch. Nobody knows that, so it must be some kind of guess.
- - - - - -
  It is no guess, Marcin.  What you have put forward is not a well-defined problem and certainly does not have a unique solution.  In fact there are infinitely many solutions.

  I strongly suggest you think long and hard about information concerning the object in its so-called "horizontal" position which you haven't thought to state here.  Maybe there is something you know which will make it all a very reasonable problem.  As it currently stands it is meaningless.

  If I were to hand you a perfectly spherical ball and ask you to rotate it until it was horizontal, what would be your reply?  Your probable response should indicate to you what kind of problem you have been presenting here to us.  I am sure you can do better than that.

Roger Stafford