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"Artur Artur" <> wrote in message <htl2ce$2gk$>...
> dear Roger,
> i'm sorry if i wasn' clear, this is not i have 100 random values which i want to inject in a power system so i can disturb it, the time for this incident is 15 seconds, the way i am doing now is this:
> 0.15s-first rand value
> 0.3s-second rand value
> 0.45s-third rand value
> ..........................
> 14.45s-99-th rand value
> 15s-100 rand value
> so, if i am doing in this way i will have a liniar time  disturbance that's way i want 100 random values for this 15s
> thank you
> Artur

  Well then what's all this about "i want random values with sum 15" and "for this i need small randoms times?"  Why must they have a sum of 15?  What is "random times" about events that are spaced evenly apart by .15 seconds each?  That was certainly misleading.  It sounded just as though you wanted the total time spam of the 100 successive events to be 15 seconds but that the timing was otherwise random.

Roger Stafford