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Subject: Re: Error in MIN and MAX
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Matt J wrote:
> dpb <> wrote in message 
> <httojr$f0t$>...
>> > I'm actually a bit dumbfounded by how often this occurs. If you're > 
>> trying to use the same name for two different things (function and > 
>> variable), I tend to think that you really don't know what's going on 
>> in > your code.
>> OTOH, given the size of the ML namespace, in some ways my surprise is 
>> it doesn't happen even more often... :)
> No, the save of the Matlab namespace is not relevant. It is perfectly 
> harmless to use i, j, min, max, etc... as variable names as long as you 
> don't then try to use them as functions later on in the same workspace.
> The problem only occurs when people deliberately try to use the same 
> name for 2 different things in the same mfile.

Well, I think the namespace size _does_ have quite a lot to do with it 
myself just from the likelihood standpoint of a name collision.

That aliasing is ok from Matlab syntax standpoint just makes the error 
more difficult to catch when it happens.