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dpb wrote:

>> Because you said "if one comes from Fortran [...] it permissible..."
>> but without stating what language you ara discussing. You have worked
>> with fortran, I have not. Indicating that you could use these
>> techniques in any other language, wheras I can not.
>> It's a ridiculous statement, so I wonder if you really mean it.
> _WHAT_???  How else could one think of anything except Matlab as that 
> was what the subject was about and simply a reference to a user who had 
> Fortran experience?
> And, what statement is ridiculous in your view and why is it so?  I 
> meant (and still mean) everything I said; there may be a 
> misunderstanding here, I expect there is.


OK, it dawned on me where the problem's in the snipping that's 
the clue.

First, it seemed clear to me that by saying "if one comes from Fortran" 
that the implication is that the "where" something is permissible refers 
to Fortran syntax/rules.  What you snipped was (and is) pertinent in 
that it states that Fortran parsing is such that a function reference 
and array reference of the same spelling (name) in the same compilation 
unit (program/subroutine/function) are discernible from each other 
(don't occupy same name space).  That was contrasted to the problem 
under discussion of Matlab where specifically min() and max() were 
aliased by being used a variables hence aliasing the Matlab functions of 
the same name.  That aliasing wouldn't happen in Fortran even if one 
made an array named one of these to hold the column-wise minimums 
(although I went on to say I wouldn't consider it good practice to do so).

That help???