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Rune Allnor wrote:
> On 31 Mai, 19:51, dpb <> wrote:
>> Rune Allnor wrote:
>>> On 31 Mai, 15:42, dpb <> wrote:
>>>> I would simply ask that you just hold the vitriol on Fortran though;
>>> So why are you picking the fight in the first place?
>> I'm only responding when you go off on the diatribe -- there was a
>> little chuckle aside earlier in the thread just for grins but as the
>> smiley showed, that's all it was.
> Was it?

You're saying it wasn't?  A :) indicated a certain amount of levity 
intended afaik...

>> You made a response that was reasoned to which I pointed out that
>> Fortran also has generic procedures.  In your response to that you then
>> went off on the rant.
> What rant? ...

_WHAT_ rant....????  [Book-long rantings elided...]

Whoa, chill, dood!!!

Sorry if pointing out the interpretation of the sentence bugs you, but 
that's a little over the top methinks.