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Subject: Re: generate random points in any shaped polygon?
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"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <hv7ol1$k3n$>...
>   See the discussion on this subject in the June 5, 2008 thread at:
> Roger Stafford

  Added note: If your polygon is divided up into a large number of triangles, you can use the 'histc' function to choose points among them in proportion to their area.  Let a = [A1 A2 A3 ... An] be a vector of their areas.  Let N be the total number of random points you want to choose.

 c = cumsum([0 a]); c = c/c(end); c(end) = inf;
 b = histc(rand(N,1),c); b(end) = [];

Then b will be a vector with n elements with a total count of N containing the numbers of points selected for each of the respective triangles, and these will have been selected randomly in proportion to their areas.

Roger Stafford