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Thanks for the quick response Matt.

However, your suggestion unfortunately doesn't work. For example, if I write this function:

function myFunc()

for ii=1:10

In the editor, line 4 (the un-ended for-loop) shows up as a red error. However, running mlint doesn't return the word "error" at all:

>> mlint('myFunc.m')
L 3 (C 4): Terminate statement with semicolon to suppress output (in functions).
L 4 (C 1-3): An END might be missing, possibly matching FOR.
L 6 (C 1-3): The value assigned to variable 'bar' might be unused.

From the m-lint output, there's no way to tell that the 2nd message is an error, while #1 and #3 are warnings.

Any other thoughts?