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Subject: Re: How rotate a dscrete 2D curve around the Y axis for obtaining the surface?
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"Yung Olivier" <> wrote in message <hvfu5l$gg0$>...
> Hey everybody:
>    Now there is a 1×100 array&#65292;using plot(), we can get its curve, but how to obtain its surface with rotating around Y  axis?
>   Thank you very much!

  If you were plotting an x-array against a y-array, then you can do this:

 n = 100;
 [rho,theta] = meshgrid(x,linspace(0,2*pi,n));
 Z = repmat(y(:).',n,1);
 X = rho.*cos(theta);
 Y = rho.*sin(theta);

In the surface here the curve will be rotated about the z-axis of the three-dimensional surf space.

  If instead you were plotting y against its own index, just use x = 1:m in the above where m is the length of y.

Roger Stafford