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"wahyoe Unggul" <> wrote in message <hvh0c4$63l$>...
> saya sudah mengeceknya, bila matriks yang sy gunakan tidak terlalu besar maka fungsi ini dapat berjalan dengan cepat, sedangkan jika matriks besar yang saya gunakan fungsi ini berjalan dengan lambat
Translation, courtesy of Google:
I have checked, if the matrix of the sy using is not too large, this function can be moved quickly, whereas if a large matrix that I use this function will be slow
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  Hmm!  That surprises me.  The accumarray function is designed to do precisely this kind of processing and it should be faster than that for-loop you used in the "assembly" function.  Also it would require less memory.  Actually you do not need those B and C matrices in your function.  You can add tA directly into A without them.

Roger Stafford