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Subject: Re: find distance along complicated geometric surface
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Meagan wrote:
> hi all,
> I am working on a project and I have hit a wall and could really use 
> some help.
> I am trying to find the distance between two points on a shape that is 
> defined by vertices and faces. I can't just use the distance formula 
> because I need to make sure that the entire distance between the two 
> points is in contact with the shape surface. I have no idea how to start 
> doing this or if this task is even possible so any input would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Meagan

Google "geodesic triangulated surface" and you will find a body of 
research done on your problem.  Add "MATLAB" to the search and it will 
take you implementations in the file exchange of MATLAB central.

I have not investigated either the research or the MATLAB code.