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"CyberFrog" <> wrote in message <i0scer$i3c$>...
> Hi,
> I have 2 moules of code whereby module_A feeds in certain inputs to module_B so each function id defined as:
> function module_A   
> within this module the call to module_B is simply:
> module_B(input1, input2, input3)
> function module_B(input1, input2, input3)
> As you can see to feed in these inputs into a seconf module is easier enough but I do not know how to return these any new inputs generated by module_B into module_A???  Assume the call in A occurs half way down a load of code therefore I would like to feed in new inpust generated from B into A but to then continue down the second hald of code in A.  Obviously I cannot use this same call because it will start the code again when I just want it to continue.

If I understand you correctly, just do this:

function [input1 input2 input2] = module_B(input1, input2, input3)

and then change the call to module_B accordingly.

James Tursa