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Thanks for your reply! I'm sorry, but I don't get it completly... I now have:

    for x=-A:R-A;
        int1 = @(y,z) (-alpha*(cdf(max(0,max(0,max(0,R-max(0,A+x))-max(0,A+x+y))-max(0,A+x+y+z))))).*pdf(z).*pdf(x).*pdf(y);
        ymin = -1e5;
        ymax = max(0,R-max(0,A+x));
        zmax = @(y) max(0,max(0,R-max(A+x))-max(0,A+x+y));
        int2 = quad2d(int1,ymin,ymax,ymin,zmax);

int1 is my original integrand with the 3 variables. A and R are changing values in another loop and cdf and pdf are functions handles for the cdf and pdf of the normal.
But this gives me a value (and I guess only for the last assumed value of x), I don't see how I get to integrate over x...
Sorry if this is very basic, but I'm not managing to figure it out...