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Subject: Re: How do I reduce this to one line from two lines?
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"Jan Simon" <> wrote in message <i1mrus$1k6$>...
> Dear Ulrik,
> > I it possible to reduce the following to a single line?
> > A = max([firm_profit(:,t),firm_price(:,t)])
> > B = A(1,1)
> I do not see a benefit in redusing the number of lines.
> If you want to have the variables A and B, it is not possible. But if you want just B to be the maximum of the first column, you can omit the 2nd column:
>   B = max(firm_profit(:, t));
> Are you sure, that this is what you want to get?
> Jan

Hi Jan, 

What I want to achieve is an isolation of the price at which profit is greatest. I was hoping this could be done in a single line, to get a single value.