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Subject: Re: how to generate random variable with constraint?
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someone wrote:
> "jay " <> wrote in message 
> <i22vhv$frn$>...
>> I need to generate 5 random variables between [0,1], let's say a, b, 
>> c, d, e. The constraint is that a<b<c<d<e. How to make this happen? 
>> Please advise. thanks
> doc rand
> doc sort
> It seems to me that the only way 5 random numbers wouldn't satisfy that 
> constraint is if 2 or more of them are equal.  A very unlikely event.

Roger Stafford has discussed some limitations on generating random 
variables with constraints -- if it is done incorrectly, the values tend 
to cluster towards the middle instead of uniformly distributed. I think 
sorting was okay, but I'd have to find the previous threads to be sure.