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"Dave Robinson" <> wrote in message 
> It has happened at last, I have retired, and with that, I have lost any 
> legal access to Matlab, so I am off to download Octave, as the nearest 
> alternative to Matlab that my pension can afford.
> I want to say goodbye to everyone.
> 1) The Newbies for asking thought provoking questions, or at least keeping 
> me amused.
> 2) The Guru's for providing insightful responses, thanks, I have learned a 
> great deal from your answers.
> 3) To the Matlab team for making such a remarkable package, that has kept 
> me employed and engrossed for the last 10 years or more - its such a pity 
> that just when I get time to really explore its potential, with no 
> employment constraints, I have to switch to some 'competitive' package, 
> still that life I guess.
> Maybe I will 'see' you around - by the way, does anyone know where I might 
> get some Nike trainers?
> Regards
> Dave Robinson

Farewell, and best of luck in your retirement.

And I think you can get some Nike trainers from those guys selling solution 
manuals and herbal remedies :)

Steve Lord
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