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"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <i27doq$e5p$>...
> "Dave Robinson" <> wrote in message <i26clf$lgu$>...
> > It has happened at last, I have retired, .....
> > Dave Robinson
> - - - - - - -
>   Hello Dave.  If I were you I wouldn't give up on CSSM just yet.  I myself have been retired now for over twenty years and as an octogenarian I'm still managing to help out on this newsgroup once in a while, even though my brain has slowed down a lot.  A few times I have sworn to give it all up for good, but each time the attraction to come back has proven to be too much to resist.
>   In any event whatever you do decide I am sure there are a great many people who are grateful to you for the help you have given them in the past.
> Roger Stafford

I'll echo Roger's comment.

Having now been retired for about 5 years now, almost
all of the nearly 70 tools I've put on the FEX were written
after I've left. (A couple of them were written before I
retired, but I obtained approval to post them anyway.)
I find that a great way to stay mentally active is to
continue writing code, and there are interesting
questions that sometimes arise, so when I do see
something that I feel I can uniquely solve, I do so.

So why not stick around and keep offering your
knowledge back to the community? If not, then
enjoy your retirement, and accept our thanks for
your contributions over the years.