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"Antony " <> wrote in message <i2he90$21a$>...
> Hi, all, I wonder how to solve the following problem:
>     Assuming g(x)=||KX-B||^2 where both K and X are matrices and B is a vector, please compute \partial{g}/\partial{x} .
>    I don't know what the exact answer is. Checking some related stuffs, I think the answer might be 2K^{T}(KX-B). Could you please show me how to compute \partial{g}/\partial{x} in this problem? Or is there some website discussing such a problem? Thanks a lot.

You could also just use the multivariable chain rule, which says that for vector-valued functions g() and h() and the composition f(X)=g(h(X)), then

gradient(f)= gradient(h)*gradient(g)

Now just apply this with h(X)=K*X-B and g(z)=||z||^2


and substituting z=K*X-B gives

gradient(f)= 2*K.'*(K*X-B)