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"William " <> wrote in message <i30s3d$ptm$>...
> Sorry, I am very new to matlab.  I would like to display my answers in rational numbers instead of scientific notation which I am getting now.  Anything helps, really just looking for the help doc that has info on this subject.
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  Also check out the 'rat' and 'rats' (no relationship with the rodent) matlab functions.

  For some theoretical background read the Wikipedia article at:

In particular read the section "Best rational approximations".

  Additional note: You mentioned "irrational" numbers in your subject title, but bear in mind that all of matlab's floating points numbers are of necessity rational - in fact they are all integers divided by various powers of two - the smallest positive double precision floating point number is 1/2^1074 and all its other numbers are integer multiples of this.

Roger Stafford