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Subject: Re: How can I find the mean between to points of normal distribution?
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After my first tests I thought everything was working correctly, but it seems that it is not.  I have attached a test script whereas it calculates the expected value with a brute
force way, and a way using the formula you stated in your reply.  It calculates these 2 values for varying values of mu.  You can see from the plot, that the green line which represents your formula, goes outside the min/max.  I probably just have a sign incorrect or
something, so if you could take a look I would really appreciate it.

function [ ] = testExpectedValue()

    a = 25;
    b = 26;
    sigma = 1;
    mean1(1) = 0;
    mean2(1) = 0;
    for mu=20:.1:30
        x = random('normal',mu,sigma,1000000,1);
        mean1(end+1) = mean(max(a,min(b,x)));
        mean2(end+1) = a*normcdf(a,mu,sigma) + sigma^2*(normpdf(a)-normpdf(b)) + ...
            mu*(normcdf(b,mu,sigma) - normcdf(a,mu,sigma)) + ...
    close all;
    plot(mean1(2:end),20:.1:30);hold on;  plot(mean2(2:end),20:.1:30,'g');