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"James Morgan" <> wrote in message <i4prl7$idv$>...
> It did! And it cut off 80% of my computation time! :D Thank you so much for that suggestion!
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  I suspect the savings in cpu time are due primarily to avoiding repetition in taking the powers of X values rather than to the vectorization.  In the twenty-five trips through the previous for-loop the same power of each X element was being taken twenty-four times and only once with a different power.  I think if you first computed prod(bsxfun(@power,X,n_1))) and then did a multiplication and summing of this with each separate row of X using a for-loop, you would still save time.

  I am saying this so you won't put too much reliance on vectorization for its own sake.  For-loops, used properly, have an important rote to play in matlab coding, and they are sometimes the only way possible to carry out an algorithm.

Roger Stafford