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"Andy " <> wrote in message <i5380c$92o$>...
> "Matthias " <> wrote in message <i52tij$hkg$>...

> Was this with or without Compiz?  Do you have Tab bound to some other action?  Another thought: there is a setting in Ubuntu to activate windows when you hover the mouse over them.  Do you have this setting turned on?  And if so, is your mouse over the MATLAB window when this problem occurs?

That was with Compiz on. I still have yet to try this without Compiz effects....for me they're just so functional and I've been procrastinating turning them off  :p

Tab is not bound to anything special, only the defaults, and I have no conflicts with it's use. I think I know the feature you mentioned, but hovering my mouse over any given window does not activate it by itself. For the mouse to do this I first must activate the Viewport switcher by holding down the middle mouse button, which zooms out showing all windows, then I hover the mouse over a desired window and release the mouse button to activate the chosen window.