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Dear Bobby,

> > Please publish bugfixes for old Matlab versions also. If it is to costly 
> > for TMW to support a bunch of old versions, please pick *one* old version 
> > and offer a long-term support with fixes of serious bugs only.

> Not a bad idea, you should contact your sale representative about this.

:-)  I took any chance to repeat the idea of a long term supported version.

For scientific reasons a stable version would be obviously a great advantage. But what about the financial interests of TMW? Do customers pay less money, if they use a long term supported version and do not buy new ones?
Let me explained the current situation in a lab I'm working for: They run a homemade "long term support" version of Matlab 6.5.1: each failing toolbox function is shadowed by an improved M- or Mex-File. After years of disucussions with the admins, the local TMW representatives and the programmers they have decided to buy 2009a, but they still do not use it currently due to the risc of incompatibilities. If they start to use it, they won't use new features in the first year to allow crosschecking the code with 6.5.1! Finally it is clear, that they will not buy 2009b, 2010a, 2010b, 2011a etc. The lab does have an improved version of SPRINTF (6.5.1) -- but the bugs of SPRINTF (2009a) are fixed in 2010b, and the bugs of 2010b are fixed in 2012a!?

My conclusion: "no long term support" means (for some customers) "no support" and in consequence "no money".

Kind regards, Jan