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"shahnaz fatima" <> wrote in message <i6lck9$e6j$>...
> any body here plz help me with the eigen equation.
> suppose i have an eigen equation 
> Wy=lamda Dy;
> does that mean that the eigen vectors y are the eigen vectors of D-W
> plz explain.its urgent
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  No it doesn't mean that.  If D is a general square matrix, what it means is that the y vector is a generalized eigenvector as given by

 [Y,L] = eig(W,D)

with y one of the columns of Y and lambda a corresponding generalized eigenvalue in L.  Also if D is invertible, it means that y is an eigenvector of inv(D)*W with lambda as the corresponding eigenvalue.

  See the documentation for eig (where A and B correspond to your W and D.)

Roger Stafford