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"Jason" <> wrote in message <i74umk$h08$>...
> "Ryan " <> wrote in message <i7409g$jik$>...
> > By the way, is there a way I can call upon the results of each iteration. The way I've arranged my code depicts x as the 20th result of the iteration. But how can I subtract the 19th iteration result from the 20th? Is there a way to do this?
> > 
> > Thanks again. 
> Inside the for loop, you can always assign the previous result to a new variable before evaluating the new result.  You can then add a conditional statement to just display the difference of the new and previous iterations you want.
> Jason

Thanks Jason,

could you specify how I can go about doing this for more than 2 variables. Essentially, I want to find the absolute value of all the results minus 1.1. Afterwards, I want to subtract each successive iteration from the preceding iteration. So I want to subtract x_20-x_19, x_19-x_18, x_19-x_17. How exactly do I assign different variables to each iteration result. Will I need to drastically alter my coding?