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"Ender " <> wrote in message 
> Could someone tell me what this error means and how do I fix it?
> I am running a Matlab program with 3  .m files. I am using the ode45 
> solver twice in the program. The second time I use the ode45 solver, the 
> solver runs then I get an error that says
> Fatal internal error. [c0000094]
> Runtime Error!
> R6025
> -pure virtual function call
> Then MATLAb shuts down.
> How do I fix this error and finish the program run.

If the function that you're passing into ODE45 invokes one or more MEX-files 
as part of its evaluation, you need to debug why the MEX-file is trying to 
invoke a pure virtual function.

If it does not, then please send everything (data files, program files, 
etc.) including the exact call to ODE45 that you make to Technical Support 
so they can investigate the cause of this problem.

Steve Lord
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