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I have narrowed down the problem as to why I get this error, but I am still unsure how the error is caused.

I have an equation in the ode45 solver program that states;

% create variables to solve for a two-body motion equation
    syms E_cal

e = ELE(2);
M_o = ELE(6);

% solve the equation for the Eccentric Anomaly
        E_cal = solve(E_cal-e*sin(E_cal)-M_o,E_cal);
        % Convert to a number from a string variable
            E = subs(E_cal);
        % Convert to degrees (deg)
            E = radtodeg(E);

I would like to get a value for E. I pass over M, e from the preceding .m file However whenever MATLAB tries to solve for E_cal, I then get the error and MATLAB shuts down. If there is an easier way to solve for E (in degrees) then how I have written the code please tell me. If not can someone tell me why and how to fix the problem.


"Ender " <> wrote in message <i7vpoh$7m7$>...
> Could someone tell me what this error means and how do I fix it?
> I am running a Matlab program with 3  .m files. I am using the ode45 solver twice in the program. The second time I use the ode45 solver, the solver runs then I get an error that says
> Fatal internal error. [c0000094]
> Runtime Error!
> R6025
> -pure virtual function call
> Then MATLAb shuts down.
> How do I fix this error and finish the program run.
> Thanks,
> --Ender--