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"Marc " <> wrote in message <i85mjk$eia$>...
> "Prasad M. Rao" <> wrote in message <i84vcl$c05$>...
> > Hey Ross I hope its not too late.
> > 
> > I've finally got the logic required to plot my graphs.
> > I hope you help me out now.
> > What I'm dealing with is raw data with multiple channels, but the best part is that these channels are all recorded at the same time that means the value for X at say reading no. 12990 corresponds exactly to reading no. 12990 for Y and similarly for Z too.
> > So what I need to do is to...
> > FIRST, filter out data corresponding to Z equal to the value required say maybe 1.25, so since the data is continuous I filter out data for the range of Z between 1.2 & 1.3.
> > So now I have the data for X & Y for this Z in the range (1.2, 1.3).
> > SECOND, now I just plot the X & Y at a different colour for Z=1.25.
> > THIRD, using the hold command I do so for as many Z values that I want thus filtering out the data as I go for each individual graph.
> > I'm not too good with the program syntax but I'm guessing I need the for loop and the hold command along with some other commands.
> > Hope you help me out with the codes, I'm sure this is it.
> > Please, fingers crossed here.
> > Thanks.

A variation on my previous post ...

Zlist=[1.2 1.3 1.4 ];

and you also have your X, Y, Z

col='rgbymck'; %a list of colours (longer than it needs to be ...)

for m=1:numel(Zlist)-1
 n=find(Z>Zlist(m) & Z<=Zlist(m+1));
 hold on