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"Prasad M. Rao" <> wrote in message <i86bbc$sqi$>...
> Hey Mark your code worked great, but just one tiny problem, however I try, there are 3 separate plots on 3 graphs rather than 3 plots on the same graph.
> I don't know why the hold function ain't working.
> Please advise.
> Hey Ross, thanks for all the help, your code gave this error 
> ??? Error using ==> and
> Too many input arguments.

hmmmm ... maybe some missing parentheses in my for loop? I don't have matlab with me now, so perhaps you can try to sort it out if it fails again?

Zlist=[1.2 1.3 1.4 ];

col='rgbymck'; %a list of colours (longer than it needs to be ...)

for m=1:(numel(Zlist)-1)
 n=find(Z>Zlist(m) & Z<=Zlist(m+1));
 hold on