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Chris <> wrote in message <>...
> Hey, a quick question; what is the command to show the popupmenu's selection list? uicontrol(handle) doesn't work and I can't see a solution in the documentation, thanks!.

There is no documented way to do this, but you can use one of the following undocumented ways, mentioned by Matt and Walter:

1. Using FindJObj - 
a) Download the FINDJOBJ utility from the Matlab File Exchange -
b) Unzip FindJObj in your favorite Matlab path
c) Use FindJObj as follows:
hPopup=uicontrol('style','popup','string',{'a','b','c'});  % create popupmenu
jPopup = findjobj(hPopup);
jPopup.showPopup;  % so simple!

You can use the UIInspect utility to check all the properties and methods that jPopup supports -

2. Using Robot - see explanation here: 

Yair Altman