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>   I failed to read your subject title carefully.  Apparently your array of points correspond to radius r and distance z cylindrical coordinates, and you are attempted to find the numerical triple integral of some quantity that is constant with respect to theta, and which would therefore require only an appropriate double integration.  Is that correct?
> Roger Stafford

  Thanks for taking a look and responding to my post. You are correct, I would like to perform a double integral (numerically) on my data. The problem is that now, using cumtrapz, I have to integrate over the columns first, and then re-run to integrate the rows. I'd like to have the data where I can take the cumulative integral over 0 to 2pi, and from r=0 to some radius. 
 To better illustrate, my data resembles when plotted with imagesc.
I'd like to plot the cumulative volume under the curve with respect to radius, over 360 degrees. Graphically, it would resemble
So in short I want to numrically integrate an array that has rows/columns (cartesian) data in cylindrical coordinates. Is that possible in MATLAB?

Thanks for the responses! I hope I could clarify.