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Yayp Rafique wrote:
> My very simple question is that how can I write an if statement in the 
> if-clause of a prior if statement. this isn't like the "easy" if 
> statement where I can write the nested if statement in then-clause or 
> the else-clause. i think its better if i explain through an example what 
> I would like:
> if(if(Z>0);A;else;B;end) > 0 && if(Z<0);C;else;D;end) > 0 )
> else
> end
> although this is not the correct syntax in MATLAB this is what I would 
> like. 

Matlab has no such syntax nor way I can think of to simulate it

> The solution of "solving them the nested if statements before and 
> saving their results and then using these results" will not work because 
> I am writing a parser and I won't know the depth of nesting before hand. 
> I have to generate a MATLAB script as the output of my parser. I would 
> really appreciate feedback on how to do this.

State machine comes to mind...