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Subject: re-open a figure to continue processing
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"Konst " <> wrote in message <i9mkro$oib$>...
> I have a square wave and I use ginput to select each time 2 points in a for-loop which breaks when I select points that aren't on the curve.When I finish, I save it as a .fig file.How can I reopen the last figure to process it again(let's say I want to add a few more points using ginput) without having to run the whole algorithm from the beginning?
> i=1;
> while i>=1;
>     [x,y] = ginput(2);
> get(gco,'Type');
> TF=strcmp(get(gco,'Type'),'line');
> if TF==0
>     saveas (gcf,'lastgraph.fig');
>     break;    
> end
> d(i)=x(2)-x(1)
> i=i+1
> end