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Subject: Re: Calculate the coordinates of the 3rd vertex of a spherical triangle knowing the other 2 vertices, angles and edge lengths
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"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <i9vfki$oo8$>...
> "Catarina Avelino" <> wrote in message <i9vabo$oof$>...
> > Could you please send me your email as <> (removing "xyzzy" and ".invalid") did not worked. I received an error message.
> > Thanks,
> > Catarina Avelino
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>   I prefer not to do that, Catarina.  Please ask your questions in this newsgroup and I or others will attempt to answer them.  If the questions pertain to a different area, it would be advisable to start a new thread.
>   Did that determinant criterion prove to be useful to you?
> Roger Stafford

Ok, no problem! Is not about to ask a question. But thanks any way!
Yes, the determinant criterion was very useful for me. It helped me to develop the matlab code I needed.