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Subject: How to solve for system of equation with set of known variables?
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Hello all, I am a self-taught programmer and I am having a problem with the following:

So I need to solve for 2 variables, I have 2 equations. Easy enough... but:

In each of the 2 equations i have another 2 variables which I know and have a large list of. I need some sort of code to solve the system of equations for the two unknown variables for the entire list of known variables (like a loop statement)

my equations:


I have vectors for both VD and HD (my known variables)

How do i cycle through solutions for z,c for each pair of VD HD ?

I can solve for any specific VD,HD pair using the solve function or fsolve but I do not know how to include a loop statement in this in order to solve for the full list of VD and HD vectors.

Any help would be appreciated.