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Subject: Re: How to open a webpage with security certificates in matlab's web browser?
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"Aurelien Queffurust" <> wrote in message <ic098u$hlm$>...
> "Ha " <> wrote in message <ic07bm$g6o$>...
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> > I can open successfully the web url in IE and firefox. And I can open it with the web browser of a lower version of matlab. But  I failed to open the webpage in the web browser of matlab 2010 r2010a. How can I deal with this problem? 
> You may try to set your Web Preferences .
> Go to File-> Preferences-> Editor/Debugger -> Web
> DO you have an error message? 
> Aurélien

I don't use a proxy (the option in Preference-Web unchecked). I can open many sites such as google, yahoo and facebook. But I cannot open a web url starting with "https".

PS: the error msg:
Warning - File or URL Not Found
MATLAB cannot link to this file or URL