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"Billy Bob" <> wrote in message <ich2vm$mbl$>...
> Hi 
> I have a relatively simple problem that I can't figure out an elegant way to solve.
> I have a data set consisting of:
> Column 1: a series of days numbered 1 to 365 or 366 for each year from 1974 until now
> Column 2: average daily temperature on each day
> What I would like to do is to produce a matrix of years (x), days (y) and temperature (z). So far I have been able to do this for Day 1 for all years using a combination of row and column indices but I am unsure of how to this for all days across all years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.

It sounds like ACCUMARRAY might be what you want.  Feed it your days/years as subs,  [days years], and the temperatures as vals, [T].  It'll then place all of the T's in their respective positions.