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AveyTare <> wrote in message <>...
> Good morning, here is my problem:
> -There are three known points (x;y) that are the following: (0;0), (117;0) e (58,5;-0,2), being this last one a minimum. I want to find the formula, cos(a.x), that adjust to this conditions. Matlab can solve this out for me?
> I would appreciate some help?
> Best Regards.
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  Your question is far from clear.  What do you mean by "being this last one a minimum"?  What do you mean by "find the formula, cos(a.x), that adjust to this conditions"?  Please explain your request carefully in such a way that the rest of us can understand.  This makes no sense to me as it stands and it seems a waste of time to try to guess at it.

Roger Stafford