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Subject: Undefined function for function_handle
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 02:39:04 +0000 (UTC)
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I need to find the roots of an equation later on. Because of my equation, r is too long, i have to separate the terms in a few parts. However, by doing this, it shows an error:

syms y;
syms z;

JRa= @(y) besselj(1,y);
JR1a= @(y) besselj(0, y) - besselj(1, y)./y;

JRb= @(y) besselj(1,z);
JR1b= @(y) besselj(0, z) - besselj(1, z)./z;

Yb= @(y) bessely(1,z);
Y1b= @(y) bessely(0, z) - bessely(1, z)./z;

Ya= @(y) bessely(1,y);
Y1a= @(y) bessely(0, y) - bessely(1, y)./y;

r= y.*((JR1a.*Y1b-JR1b.*Y1a)./(JRa.*Y1b-JR1b.*Ya))


??? Undefined function or method 'times' for input arguments of type
Anyway i can solve the error?