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"Robert Phillips" <> wrote in message <icu950$nsb$>...
> Thanks for replying so quickly. 
> So if I want to generate points on the surface of the ellipsoid, would I set 
> XR^2/a^2 + YR^2/b^2 + ZR^2/c^2  = 1?
> Also.. how exactly do I go about generating those points? It would make sense to maybe use embedded for-loops, but I imagine there's a better way to do this.
> Further, isn't it possible to use the ellipsoid function
> ellipsoid(S_x, S_y, S_z, norm(a_S), norm(b_S), norm(c_S)) 
> to generate the points, and then use some kind of coordinate transformation matrix to place all of the points along the local a_S,b_S,c_S axes?
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  I'm afraid I read your original request too hastily.  I read it to mean that you were testing to see if a given point P lay inside the ellipsoid.  My apologies.

  To generate an ellipsoid relative to a_S, b_S,and c_S axes with center at S, I would first use the 'ellipsoid' function to generate an ellipsoid with center at (0,0,0) and a,b,c semi-axes lengths to produce n+1 by n+1 arrays X, Y, Z.  Then use these in the expressions

 x = S(1) + X*a_S(1) + Y*b_S(1) + Z*c_S(1);
 y = S(2) + X*a_S(2) + Y*b_S(2) + Z*c_S(2);
 z = S(3) + X*a_S(3) + Y*b_S(3) + Z*c_S(3);

You should be able to use these x, y, and z arrays directly in 'surf'.

  I have again assumed that a_S, b_S, and c_S are unit vectors and mutually orthogonal.

Roger Stafford