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"John D'Errico" <> wrote in message <ia3mtv$6i9$>...
> "hajime yamada" <> wrote in message <ia36u0$p1g$>...
> > I read some several sources that the Mac version of Matlab/Simulink is much slower than the Windows version. Is it still true for the 2010b?
> Matlab on my iMac screams compared to Matlab on
> the PCs that I see them using where I am currently
> doing some consulting. It is especially nice when all
> cores are running flat out on a big problem. This is
> something that happens surprisingly often in R2010b.

I'm battling with Matlab-64 (2010b) on a new MBP (OS 10.6.5), and I'm afraid I'm losing.  Graphics performance is terrible (severe lag when trying to plot larger data sets and other UI interaction (e.g. resizing) and it often stalls entirely), and frequent exceptions that cause matlab to terminate spectacularly (multiple times per day).  Benchmark-wise it is clocking very poorly compared to windows on equivalent machines (intel 2.66 core i7 w/ 8 GB RAM).

I haven't run Matlab on a mac before, but this was not what I expected.  Any insight or advice, or should i just resort to bootcamp?